In late 2001 I founded Sublime Exile Recordings. I took the name from a Discovery Chanel program featuring two economic tax avoiders hunted by the American justice department for not paying their share and now living in, as the reporter called it, a Sublime Exile, in the Caribbean Islands, unable to leave the Islands due to risking being caught by the same law. Needless to say, and no comparison but a sublime exile is also a gut-good utopian outpost free from all human struggles, like a Nirvana or a private Idaho if you'd like.

In late 2001 I had a meeting with a recording studio in Copenhagen. We decided to start a business together. They as a recording studio and me as the music business partner. They had two artists they were currently working with, in the studio, and one coming in. I signed them all to Sublime Exile Recordings and took it all further to a licensing deal (including advances to finance our startup) with my former employer Playground Music Scandinavia (which I previously was one of the ten starting up in Sweden, in 1999, after the tumultuous times with our former employer MNW Records Group).

The first year we received a No 1 Talent Award Winner, the best rock act coming out in decades in the national papers, and some really interesting new acts and performers including internationally renowned artists. It was all so good. The future looked bright.

I won’t say, in detail, what really happened after that but we had some things that needed to be sorted out and on February 1 in 2005 the label became all mine.

At about the same time, I decided to go all-digital. This was pre-Spotify, podcasts, and all such and cooperation with my former employer was so effected about previous happenings and I had to start learning code and design to further the label and I signed some new acts and released our first digital release in January 2005.

Now it’s 2020 and it’s been a hard days night for the music business during these recent past years. Especially for the independents. I never gave up though and I have just (during COVID 19) graduated two great crash courses at Berklee College Of Music with degrees in both Music Business Foundation and Entrepreneurship.

Sublime Exile Recordings, now nearly 20 years old, for the first time, offering sales on traditional formats Vinyl, CD. Cassette and DVD might come too? - Did I say the label now also has its own merchandise, retailing music life gear and it's own music publishing ???

"I know how to bang the drums, twang the strings, blow the horns, push the keys, pump - I have a great passion for marketing, promotion, distribution, licensing, publishing, branding, etc. For the digital music industry era, I have been studying code and design for over +10 years and intensely follow the latest music economy craze (blockchain and it's cryptocurrencies)”.

I've been an Independent music publisher since 2001 and former CEO and label representative for Mute Records, Playground Music Scandinavia, and MNW Records Group, and have more than 30 years of experience within the music and entertainment industry. I’m born in Stockholm, Sweden, lived and worked in Oslo, Norway for 11 years and currently live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1999.

Lasse de Flon/CEO/MD